New Allergies

It’s been a really long time since my last post. I was having issues in the spring with hives every time I can in from being outside even for a few minutes.  So I went to see my doctor and she suggested I get extensive allergy testing done. Well I did, not good news, besides what I already gave up, I had to give up some fruits likes apples, pears, pineapple, lemons and grapefruits to name a few, the cabbage family is gone, no lima beans, no navy beans, no poultry of any kind, I Can have egg whites, yah!, 3/4 of seafood gone, no rice, corn, oats, flax seed, millet seed, still no gluten, still no dairy, still no nuts, or peanuts, all but 2 spices I’m allergic too, no chocolate, no vanilla, no coffee. Oh and I have +5 allergies to kentucky blue grass, ragweed and bermuda grass. The joy.

The allergy tests made sense, because I had replaced rice for all my gluten, and it made more sense since I had a +3 immediate reaction to it. I always felt like I was choking when I ate anything with rice. The sad part, I  LOVE rice. All this has made it harder for me make dishes we love like pizza. But with the help of hubby and him wanting his pizza, we found a recipe I can use that makes are pretty darn good pizza crust. I used the same recipe to make my croutons to be used in my stuffing for Thanksgiving. And sence I can’t have turkey, we will be having a pork loin wrapped in bacon and a ham.

I also love pasta, so I was on the hunt for another pasta I can eat, well I found black bean pasta, don’t turn your nose up yet, it tastes good, and it takes sauces well. It has an aldente feel to it when cooked. I love it when I make stir fry. I also found a soy pasta but I haven’t tried it yet.

I also discovered quinoa, its good. So far so good. I’m going to use quinoa flakes in place of oats to make my pumpkin pie crust this year.

Its a slow road with trying to create meals I can eat. I have been experimenting with certain fruits that I’m allergic to, to see if I can eat them fully cooked. So far, pineapple is ok. Tomatos I have to eat in limited, not a lot in a day and I’m ok.

What’s been really hard, trying to get corn out of my diet, its almost impossible.

It hasn’t been easy. But I’ve been thru it before, just not this extreme. I’m wondering if there is a possible underlying issue causing these food allergies to happen.

So far since my last post I’ve lost a total of 22 pounds. Its been slow, but at least its coming off.